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Dr. X is here!

After some discussion in the Staff forum, we have decided to go ahead and try this experiment. The details are still being worked out, but here are the basics.

Project X (or the Dr. X project, if you prefer) is an experimental adoption program.

Project X is NOT the same as DLAA, and in fact is separate from DLAA.

It is NOT meant to replace (nor will it replace) the traditional DLAA way of doing things.
It is strictly voluntary. Those who don't like the idea need have nothing to do with it.
It's ideal for those who are on hiatus, because it takes a minimum of time and effort.
For all intents and purposes, I have been left in charge of this, and will coordinate most of the record-keeping, etc.
Anyone who wants to help can help, though.

The Goal -
To find homes for the crappiest named pets in the pound by zapping them any color at all. I figure that pets with names like gnorbu532452424424, gfgfgfjerjjsjj, and Mandiesuglyskeith will find homes if painted any color at all.. otherwise they're gonna rot in the pound..and who wants that?

The Method -
-- This is a variation on zap/release. We adopt a pet, zap it til it changes to an adoptable color, and release it into the pound for anyone to grab... No apps needed.
-- Those who DO grab the pet get a neomail.. "Congratulations! You have been visited by Dr. X!! Bwahahaha!" the message directs them to a page where they can get a banner. Those who put up these special Dr. X banners get their names on the Dr. X Wall of Fame, along with their pet's name and picture (not too dissimilar from our adopted pages, I'm hoping), and will be offered access to a special Dr. X forum. (Dr. X's secret hideout) -- If the person can't receive neomail? No big deal.
-- Things in that particular forum will be a bit looser than in the regular DLAA forums. No chewing people out for double posting..We'll gently ridicule them instead.. hey... Dr. X is a mad scientist! ;)
-- If they take the banner down, we don't raise a fuss, we just remove their names from the list. Same if they abandon the that case, we just send the same mail to the new owner.
-- I will be maintaining the 'adopted' list (anyone can help here too).

The Restrictions --
-- This is not to be used as a substitute for regular DLAA adoption with apps, etc. Pets with good names should be zapped until they get apps...seriously. So no doing it just to be lazy.. Not that anyone would do that...;)
-- Partners with more than one lab ray are at an advantage, but I think we should only allow one Dr. X pet to be zapped at a time by each participant. That isn't such a big restriction, actually. I intend to dedicate one of my lab rays full-time to this project and use my others for regular adoption.
-- When a partner zaps and abandons a pet, they mail me with the info of who adopted it, name of the pet, etc. so I can send out an neomail from the proper account. (I'm thinking of creating a special account to cover this)

Disclaimer --
This is all my idea. I am to blame. All hate mail should go to me :)

Once again..This is an experiment (an evil twisted experiment, perhaps!), not a change in the ways the DLAA does things. I like the regular way too, but this gives some of the worst-named pets a fighting chance....

As usual -- Any comments and suggestions on how to best do this are greatly appreciated.
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